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Seventeen Voyces celebrates its 20th anniversary
For twenty years, Seventeen Voyces has been dedicated to achieving the highest level of choral excellence, and the performance of musical gems "off the beaten track." Founded by Kevin Reeves in 1997, its small size inherently creates a suppleness and clarity of sound that delights the most discerning of audiences.

Come join us for an exciting anniversary season. Subscriptions are a mere $35 for students and $70 for adults. Better still, consider becoming a patron for $125 which includes a subscription with reserved seating and a tax receipt of $55. Your support will be greatly appreciated and enable the choir to continue to present special musical experiences.
Find details about the concerts and tickets on our Concerts page.

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Seventeen Voyces' Inspiring 20th Season

Seventeen Voyces' subscription series opens at St. Matthew's Anglican Church in the Glebe on Dec. 3, with Welcome Yule, a concert that includes Marc-Antoine Charpentier's "Messe de Minuit" and Christmas music that goes back centuries. Composer Andrew Ager will be the organist. A second performance will be at the intimate Ashbury College Chapel.

The three-concert series includes a choral presentation of Cecil B. DeMille’s 1923The Ten Commandments with performances on two nights at St. Matthew’s on Feb. 24 & Feb. 25. It also features the rarely performed Venus & Adonis, a short opera by Baroque composer John Blow on May 26 & May 27 at Southminster Church.

Extremely popular upon its release, The Ten Commandments tells the story of the Exodus, followed by a sort of morality tale of two brothers in modern times. One brother faithfully follows the commandments and the other breaks all of them in an effort to achieve great wealth and social status. The biblical part of the story involved the building of massive sets in northern Santa Barbara County, California – a site known for its huge sand dunes. The set included four 35’ tall Pharaoh statues and 21 sphinxes -- all of which were buried by shifting sands after the filming and were only recently rediscovered by archeologists. Guest performers are the Christ Church Cathedral Choir of Men & Boys, and organ virtuoso Matthew Larkin.

Performed in 1683, Venus & Adonis is considered the earliest surviving English opera and is the precursor of the far better-known Dido & Aeneas by Henry Purcell, one of Blow’s pupils. Soprano Bronwyn Thies-Thompson will play Venus with baritone Joel Allison assuming the role of Adonis. The choir will be accompanied by the Ottawa Baroque Consort and Makin' Moves, Ottawa children's dance theatre.